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Water Generation Capacity: Up to 238 gal / 900 L
Required Power: 230 – 400V / 5.6 – 10kW
Water Tank Volume: 34.3 gal / 129 L
Water Temperature: Ambient Water
Dimensions: 57.7″ x 59.4″ x 68.3″
Net Weight: 1,576 lbs
pH: 6.5 – 8.5

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The WW-200 Air to Water Generator (AWG) is ideal for communities or office building consumption. This model is one of the most energy-efficient AWGs on the market, enabling more water production with less electricity consumption. The water production process is optimized and suitable for a wide range of climate conditions starting from 59°F and 20% humidity.

The water generated is pH 6.5 – 8.5. The WW-200 stand-alone unit requires connector type 32A 5-pin socket.

Innovative and patented GENius heat exchange technology makes it highly efficient to operate and enables the creation of up to 238 gallons of pure, safe and tasty drinking water from the air daily. The WW-200 complies with international water purification standards.

Scalable structure means it can be stacked and scaled up to any size, supporting a wide range of water production needs for military, government or commercial use.

Special Features: Compatible with solar power or diesel. Also available in alternate voltages to meet your needs. Contact WAIEA Hawaii for pricing or to purchase.

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