The Kahala Hotel & Resort Furthers Green Initiatives – Recipient of Hawaii Green Business Program Award

WAIEA is thrilled to be a part of The Kahala Hotel & Resort’s commitment to sustainability. The Kahala Hotel & Resort is not only the epitome of luxury in Hawaii, it has been recognized for five consecutive years from the Governor and State of Hawaii as a leader in sustainable practices and operations.

Lessening the environmental footprint through conserving natural resources, minimizing waste and pollution and raising awareness amongst employees, guests and the Kahala community is at the forefront of the Kahala experience.

Here are a handful of changes the Kahala Hotel & Resort put in place to be more sustainable— changes we can easily implement in our daily lives to help do our part for the environment.

  • Using light sensors and LED energy efficient bulbs
  • Implementing energy management systems, digital thermostats and ceiling fans to control A/C usage
  • Installation of high efficiency water heaters and appliances WAIEA Atmospheric Water Generator used for sustainable water generation and to reduce humidity in room
  • Regular beach and neighborhood clean ups
  • Recycling and plant material composting program
  • Using glass cups instead of single use plastic Implementing reusable, compostable or recycled materials for containers, office goods, bags and supplies
  • Using environmentally friendly paint Cooking with free range, organic, natural and hormone-free ingredients

Learn more about the Kahala’s commitment to sustainability and their Kahala’s Initiative for Sustainability, Culture & the Arts (KISCA) program.

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Get inspired by pillars in your community and start living more sustainably.

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