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Use Water Twice with Gray Water Recycling

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We are WAIEA Hawaii

WAIEA Water is on a mission to deliver the purest, healthiest and most sustainable water to homes, workplaces and communities in Hawaii and beyond. 

Water nourishes us. Water sustains us, and if we can enhance our lives while at the same time helping our global environment – we say ‘Raise a Glass”.

AWG and Gray Water Recycling

WAIEA Hawaii proudly supplies the highest rated Air to Water Generators (AWG) and Gray Water Recycling Systems on the market. Our products offer sustainable solutions for green living, produce higher quality water than municipal supply while at the same time reduce plastic and water waste.

AWGs produce water from the air by filtering in the humid air from the atmosphere through advanced air filtration system. The humidity condenses into droplets which then undergo a series of filtration systems––from charcoal, UV to reverse osmosis. No need for plumbing or water hookup. 

Our Hydraloop Gray Water Recycling systems allow you to use water twice and save between 25% and 45% of water usage. Reduce wastage and reduce your monthly water bill. Our systems are great for homes, hotels and commercial spaces. WAIEA Water has sustainable water solutions for your needs and budget through our leasing program. WAIEA Hawaii has qualified Hydraloop installation teams of professional plumbers available to help you with installation and maintenance.

Our Air to Water Generators (AWG) offer the following advantages:

Our Product Lines


Ideal for use in a home, hotel room or office. Their sleek contemporary designs makes for a seamless addition to any space. Enjoy a state-of-the-art touchscreen. Bring your hydration habits to the next level.

Commercial Units

These units provide clean drinking water virtually anywhere. Whatever your unique situation, these units offer you the flexibility to make water where you need it, when you need it. Ideal for schools and commercial high traffic areas.

Large Scale Units

Enhance your emergency response capabilities by providing a portable or fixed solution to generate water. Reinforced structure is designed to withstand transport and weather without impacting functionality.

Gray Water Recycling

These units use water twice. Recycle the water from your shower or bath and repurpose the treated water for irrigation, washing machine or toilet flushing. Save between 25% and 45% of your water usage with Hydraloop systems.

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