Our Technology

WAIEA Hawaii proudly supplies the highest quality Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG) and Gray Water Recycling Systems across the Hawaiian Islands.

AWGs produce water from the air by filtering in the humid air from the atmosphere through advanced air filtration system. The humidity condenses into droplets which then undergo a series of filtration systems––from charcoal, UV to reverse osmosis. No need for plumbing or water hookup. 

Our Hydraloop Gray Water Recycling systems allow you to use water twice and save between 25% and 45% of water usage. Reduce wastage and reduce your monthly water bill. Our systems are great for homes, hotels and commercial spaces. WAIEA Hawaii has sustainable water solutions for your needs and budget through our leasing program.

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Benefits of AWG

Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG) make water from air. Humid air is condensed into droplets that are filtered through UV, charcoal and reverse osmosis filters turning it into the purest, cleanest alkaline drinking water. Go ahead—grab a glass and drink to your health and the many other benefits!

Health Benefits

  • Enjoy pure, clean and nutrient-rich water
  • Avoid ground contaminants, consume water that has never touched the ground
  • No chemicals added
  • Avoid plastic toxicity from plastic bottled water consumption
  • Enjoy alkaline water between 7 – 9.2 pH which can neutralize the acid in your body and act as an antioxidant
  • Rich in calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium—all of which promote blood circulation
  • Encourage better water consumption habits

Quality of Life Benefits

  • Enjoy the flexibility of placing your AWG virtually anywhere with an outlet
  • Make drinking water fun for the whole family
  • Enhance your business’ customer service
  • Purify air around you by releasing clean air back into the space
  • Stop lifting heavy 5 gallon water bottles and cases of water bottles
  • Reduce storage space of plastic bottles and empties
  • Dehumidify your room, extend the lifespan of your space and belongings

Financial Benefits

  • Stop spending on expensive brand name bottled water
  • Stop subscribing to expensive water delivery systems
  • Flexible leasing program for affordable monthly payments

Environmental Benefits

  • Reduce plastic waste
  • Make sustainable water from air
  • Enhance you home or business’ green initiatives overall
  • Work towards carbon neutrality, lower your carbon footprint daily

Off Grid Benefits

  • Connect to a standard electrical outlet, solar power source or generator
  • No plumbing or water hookup required
  • Use alternate power sources and keep producing water in emergency situations by using solar, generator or external battery
  • Stop relying on supply chain and transportation of bottled water
  • Mobile AWGs available to allow water anywhere you go